We are super proud to be part of the TedX Impact Program! Out of 80 applicants, iSeekMe was selected as one of the seven pioneers to be mentored, coached and guided to the next phase. And the icing on the cake; we will have the opportunity to share our ‘Everyone is a mentor’ story on the TedX stage in March 2022!

What the committee said about us:

Dear Steven,
We are thrilled to announce that you have made it! The TEDxAmsterdam committee was very impressed with your pitch video and enterprise and entrepreneurial pazzaz, and after an intense few days of deliberation, we are pleased to announce you are officially one of our finalists for the TEDxAmsterdam Impact Program.

We think your idea is really crucial to combating mental health problems that we are facing on an increasing level.

This is the start of a 5-month program in which Steven works towards his own ‘TEDtalk’ moment and share our inspiring story with the world on the TEDxAmsterdam stage.

Will be continued