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You travel faster when you explore, share, learn and grow

You, trying to navigate towards the future. The solution is out there.

Making life changing choices is tough. What if you share ideas?


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Together we make personal development
available to everyone.

iSeekMe is about connecting and growing, with each other and through each other. It is about sharing, learning and mentoring others in their search for the best version of themselves. What we see happening around us only strengthens our drive to give iSeekMe to the world. People need to connect, especially now that people are confined to their homes and there is time for reflection, with iSeekMe we can be the platform to connect people on a deeper level!

will you support our mission?

There are still some bumps we have to take to really make the iSeekMe APP a success. We, Mark, Steven and Rob need your help! Do you feel inspired, do you want to help us with one of the challenges below? Drop us a message on WhatsApp.

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We are looking for purpose driven developers.

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Are you in the ‘Return’ stage of life?

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Do you have an inspiring story the world should know about?

Help us with funding

Our mission isn’t cheap to accomplish. Can you help us find funds?

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